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Its Gonna Hurt – Training day

In today’s its gonna hurt gallery update we have Alexander on his first training day with big black cocks. Damien offered to work his tight ass and break him in to the scene. Watch poor Alex as he gets his tight asshole worked by Damien’s cock in this awesome update. And you bet he enjoyed every moment of it. Until the next update, enjoy!


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Horny Men in Action

We are back with another insane its gonna hurt scene for you guys and like always we found the perfect hunks for the job. So don’t miss out this black ripped hunk stretching this white guy’s buttholes to the limits. Our cute friend over here wanted to try out something different, he had a few guys until now but of course all of them were white and neither of them impressed him. But the other day he was introduced to this black hunk that he kindda liked. So he decided to give it a try and see how it’s like to get fucked by a black hunk.

Well when he first saw his cock he literally just sat and stared at it for a while. He heard that black guys have it big, but he just didn’t imagine that it was so big. So when they got in bed, he realized that his ass wasn’t prepared for a black dick. So the black ripped jock ended up stretching his butthole to the limits. If you liked this itsgonnahurt scene you must visit for more ripped hunks. Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time with more!

its gonna hurt rough gay sex

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It’s gonna totally hurt him

You are finally going to see a deep drilling session and its gonna hurt this guy’s tight ass. You are going to enjoy watching this hammering session, cause it’s truly outstanding. See how that huge ebony guy is going to come closer, grab one of the legs and start pushing that super large tool right inside that butt hole, with a lot of sweet pain. The poor guy simply loves to have his ass hammered by that XXL tool, it’s just turning him on big time. You are going to have a great time seeing the entire action, cause it’s truly outstanding.

See how that immense tool is going in and out of that ass, sliding in and out of that butt, destroying it with it’s weight. You will love seeing this hammering session and you could also have a look at the newest video, to see some cocks banging hard some tight butt holes. Have a great time and make sure that you are ready to be impressed by the entire action!

its gonna hurt deep hammering session

 See this enormous black tool drilling that tight ass hole!

Its Gonna Hurt Ass Stretching

Welcome back to another hot gay fuck scene. This time we have this pool boy getting fucked by his boss in this hot its gonna hurt gallery. He was doing his chores the other day when he noticed that his boos was looking at his different then usual, but he continued his job. After a few more days of staring his boss called him for a chat. He knew that he was in need for cash, because he was in college and cleaning pools was his way of earning some pocket money so he offered him a deal. It wasn’t his first time with a guy, but he never got fucked by a black stud before. They went into the pool house to make sure no one bothered them. He took off his clothes and then started shoving his big black cock deep inside his butthole. Our pool boy didn’t complain at all, he actually liked the change and the extra cash sure came in handy. If you liked this itsgonnahurt scene you must check out for more hardcore gay fucking scenes . Enjoy it!

its gonna hurt ass stretched

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Raw Black Hunk

Its gonna hurt has another hunk getting a big cock up his ass for the first time. The horny hunk heard everyone talking about black hunks and he wanted to give it a try. He saw this black hunk at his gym and he thought about him to be his first black guy. He caught him after he took his shower and saw his big cock and since then he kept on thinking about him. The other day they bumped into each other after their workout and while they were changing in the locker room he asked him out. Surprisingly he accepted and they went to this bar close to his place. But after a few drinks the black hunk asked him to go to a more intimate place. He was so happy and they went to his place. There without anymore foreplay they started making out and stripped off their clothes. His cock seemed even bigger know once he had in his mouth and was kind of nervous of getting it in his butthole. At first he didn’t really liked it but afterwards he got used to it and actually enjoyed getting his butthole stretched. If you want more black hunks fucking you must check out the breed it raw site for more scenes. Enjoy it!

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Its Gonna Hurt – First Black Guy

You must check out this horny white boy getting his mouth fucked and creamed by a fat black tool and its gonna hurt. He always wanted to try out something new and today’s thing was a black guy. He went to this gay club and found the perfect hunk for the job. He was pretty big and had an amazing worked out body, just his type. He was a bit embarrassed to go to him so he sent him a drink first and then waited. The white boy was so horny and he was in luck because the hunk was interested in him and pounding his white little ass.

They started talking and finished their night at the black hunk’s place. He started undressing the white boy on his way to his place and once they got inside he was half naked and waiting for his big cock. The ripped black jock unbuttoned his pants and shoved his big cock in his filthy mouth and got him a mouthful of cum. If you like this scene you must check out for more hot cock sucking and ass fucking scenes. Enjoy it and also make sure you check out the entire itsgonnahurt scene because things are getting pretty wild between these two and you really don’t want to miss out the black hunk stretching his white butthole to the limits. Enjoy it!

its gonna hurt white boy gets creamed

Watch this white boy getting a mouthful of black cock!

Like em how they jerk off

Check out the following its gonna hurt scene, to see how is this hungry guy going to get ready to be filled with an enormous cock. You are going to love seeing how this guy is going to have both his mouth and his ass hole hammered by that super sized cock. You will see how he will stroke that gigantic tool with his palm, even though he could barely grab it with only one palm and you will see how he is going to open up his mouth, getting ready to be mouth fucked just like he needed. Right after that, he is going to let his partner grab his butt cheeks and start drilling his stretched ass hole with that colossal dong.

Have a look at these two and how eager they are to please each other and I can assure you that you will have a great time with them. Enjoy watching the whole scene and also see the ending, cause it’s a truly happy one. See his entire mouth and face fully covered in white spunk. You could also have a look at the newest like em straight videos update, to see more incredible fuck scenes! I bet you will be amazed by the following scenes so get ready for some naughty times!

its gonna hurt stroking that monster cock

See this hungry guy eating that XXL black cock!

Its Gonna Hurt – My first drilling today

A brand new its gonna hurt video is going to turn you on big time. You are going to see these two getting down on their knees and starting to play with each other and bang big time. You definitely have to see the entire action, mostly how is this cute guy going to get down and let his partner shove his monster cock right into that tight ass. You will see a super large cock being shoved right into that stretched hole. At first, this guy is going to get down and spread his butt cheeks widely, letting his partner come and drill him just as hard as possible, banging his tight ass deeply.

You got to see the whole action, cause it’s truly impressive and it will turn you on big time. See how is this guy destroying that tight hole and see also how he is going to fill it entirely with white spunk. If you are in the mood for many other incredible itsgonnahurt scenes, see also the most recent myfirstdaddy gay threesome video, to see other gay guys having a fantastic time with each other! Enjoy and stay tuned to see what other incredible things are about to be revealed!

its gonna hurt drilling his stretched ass

See this cute guy’s tight ass drilled by a monster cock!

Dark cock down his throat

A brand new its gonna hurt scene is going to mess around with you and your mind so go ahead and have a look at it, right away. Have a wonderful time watching this incredible scene and see this horny guy having a blast with his fuck buddy, a black guy with an immense cock. You got to have a look at this incredible scene and see how is he going to be mouth fucked by that super sized tool! Enjoy seeing how is that tool going to slide in and out of his mouth, getting just as deep as possible there, shoved down on that throat.

You got to see how he started to suck it and try to treat his partner with a deep throat, even though, let’s admit, that cock is way too huge to enter into that tight mouth. At least, so it looks like. Have a wonderful time watching this incredible itsgonnahurt scene and get ready to see what other nasty things are going to happen here with these two and what are they planning to do next. See also the most recent naked soldier, to see another similar scene like this one!

its gonna hurt deeply mouth fucked

See this guy having a huge black cock into his mouth!

Hammering this boy’s tight ass

Coming up right next, a brand new its gonna hurt video that is going to turn you on big time. Have a look at this cute white guy having a blast with his black lover, who is going to bang him with all his power! They were so eager to fuck that they just couldn’t wait to get home and start a nice drilling session. See how eager they are to bang and how is this hot white boy going to spread his legs widely, while he is laying on his back, getting ready to receive that enormous tool right into his eager ass.

He is going to let his black lover come and drill his ass hole with his super large cock. Enjoy watching him being totally drilled by that colossal black cock, that is finally pleasing him like he wanted. See also how is the black guy filling his entire ass with a huge load of creamy jizz! You should see the entire video, cause there are many incredible scenes that you must watch. See the most recent video update, if you are eager to see many other incredible scenes! Stay tuned!

its gonna hurt tight ass destroyed

See this hot guy’s tight ass drilled by a big black cock!

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