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Hi there fellas and welcome around for some more hot its gonna hurt gay scenes! We knew that you were going to cum back for more that is why we have updated a fresh new video for you to watch and enjoy! In what follows you are going to have the chance to see these two guys that shared the same house for a very long time and until now, this white dude was not interested in having sex with this chocolate guy and his hard cock! How about having a look at what happened over there, shall we?


As soon as this white guy woke up, he was going to have the chance to see this a long black cock coming out from this guy’s pants! So he got closer and he began to rub this large tool! next thing we knew, he shoved it into his mouth and he began to suck it slowly while he was rubbing it! Soon after that, it was time to shove it down his throat and get on top of it as he was willing to be in control of the situation! And he did slide that large tool deep into his ass and he also got fucked from behind in the end! Are you interested in seeing much more amazing things around here? All you gotta do is join our community! If you liked this video and you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, join the site!

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Surfer Dude gets his share of big dick

Hello there eager guys! We are back just how we promised and we have some new amazing its gonna hurt scenes just for you! In what follows we are going to give you the chance to see as this surfer guy is gonna her his tight ass destroyed by this chocolate guy and his extra large cock! Castro went to the beach today to see if he can find any hot guys roaming around. And for today’s its gonna hurt update he sure lucked out. He got his hands on a skinny little man slut surfer. Are you eager to see what happened after that with this guy? Have a seat and watch also training day!

What a great day to have you time spent at the beach right? Well, our dude was not only enjoying this beautiful day but also seeking for some dude that he could stuck his large cock into! Lucky for Castro he was into having cocks fuck his ass and when Castro asked him if he may stuff his tight ass with his big black cock, he said yes. Soon after that they headed to this place, where right in the living room this guy stuffed his tight ass from behind, until he had the chance to cum deep into this guy’s anus! And what an awesome time they had! You should have a great time watching this fresh itsgonnahurt update and don’t forget that you can find similar gay sex scenes inside the blog, so check it out and cum inside for more!


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Pool side ass ride with Castro the impaler

In today’s sex scene with lucky Castro, in this amazing its gonna hurt update our black stud found himself a nice and round ass that he could penetrate just by the pool. As soon as he got up, she took his bathing suit and headed to the private pool and headed to this dude! It all started as a joke when Castro told the guy he was nicknamed the impaler, awakening the curiosity of the guy. So Castro just whipped out his humongous cock, and the guy? Well he spared no time and just went down on it like a hungry wolf. How about having a look at what happened over there, shall we?

What a hot day of summer and what an awesome way to spent it! Out at the pool, enjoying all the views and all the hot bodies around right? Well, as there was no one around these two hot guys thought they might enjoy themselves right by the pool! What a better way to have deep and intense sexual pleasure if not having the fear of getting caught? After stuffing this guy’s ass with his huge cock he thought he might cum blasted all over his ass in this sweet update. If you are interested in seeing this guy getting fucked and pleasured all you gotta do is join us and we will give you access to this entire itsgonnahurt scene! Also you can visit the site and see some cock hungry gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass! Have fun guys and don’t forget to cum back for more!


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Roman goes long

In our fresh and funky its gonna hurt update you will have the chance to see this white dude Roman as he is today’s poster guy for our series . Castro picked him up at a bar too and it seems Roman never tried his luck at having some serious black cock fuck his ass. And this was his lucky chance to try it out and see what it feels like. As soon as they had their drinks, they were willing to leave together to this guy’s place! How about having a look at what happened over there! Take a look at these horny men in action!

Well, on their way to this guy’s place, these two kept teasing each other and touching each other! Soon after getting to this place, it was time to remove their clothes and this white dude got his round ass all lubed out and spanked! Next thing we knew this chocolate guy shoved his large cock deep into this guy’s tight ass and he really did enjoy all of Castro’s cock as he was moaning in pleasure while the big black rod was stretching that tight and tiny anus! What a lovely way to spend your evening, right? If you are interested in checking out the rest of this amazing scene, join us and we will give you access to watch it entirely and also full access around here! Enjoy this awesome scene and trust me, this it the best gay interracial site ever! Wanna see some cute twinks fucking one another? If you do, check out the site!

its gonna hurt straight guy has his first ass fucking

Watch this straight guy experiencing his first ass fucking!

David goes crazy for this huge cock

Hi there! We haven’t seen you around lately! Where have you been? We are glad to have you back and we prepared something special for you! In today’s its gonna hurt update, Castro gets to fuck another tight white ass in what we like to call one of our best galleries so far. This white twink guy thought he should try out a black cock for the first time and see if he likes the feeling of a humongous cock stretching his ass. Well, did you think that he enjoyed his first interracial sex? There is only one way to find out, have a seat and watch this entire scene!

Well, who wouldn’t enjoy a long and large black tool? Cause oh boy did this guy enjoy it ! Have you had the chance to see David sucking Castro’s huge cock ? Now it’s your chance to watch him be a anal virgin no more in regards to black cocks! First of all, he is going to suck and slurp this large tool as it was a candy! Enjoy this entire itsgonnahurt scene fellas and cum back for more updates every single week! For similar content, join the site and see some slutty t-girls sucking and riding big cocks!

its gonna hurt david gagging on the largest cock he ever seen

See this cock lovin guy gagging on Castro’s monster dick!

Tucker the fucker

Hey there folks and welcome back to its gonna hurt! Have you thought that you were going to have so much fun when you came around? As you already know, this chocolate guy Castro is the protagonist in all of the its gonna hurt adventures. Guess what? We have found another white guy that was interested in trying out a larger and harder cock, a black one! This time, he went to a local all males club to try and pick a guy that he fancied up. How about not wasting any more time and showing to you what happened soon after that, cause these two were pretty into each other! Enjoy watching this ass stretching scene!

Tucker was his name and his ass was already lubed up! Our hot guy succeeded in bringing him home to have him ride his huge meat rod this evening. The guy was ecstatic as Castro pounded away at his tight ass through the night. There is no need to say that they wanted to enjoy themselves in a very nice and intense 69 session in which they sucked their tools right before getting started! And this was only the prelude! If you liked this scene and you are interested in seeing it entirely, you are invited to join our community and in this way we will have the chance to give you full access around here! Enjoy and don’t forget to cum back for more itsgonnahurt scenes! Until then, join the site and watch other cock hungry gay guys getting their asses stretched to the limits!


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Its Gonna Hurt – A creamy reward

Hi guys! We are here and our team at Its gonna hurt had another tight ass for Castro to destroy this week. Yet another white guy wanting to try out if the saying, “Once you go black you never go back” is true even in guy on guy action. And this dude was very eager to get started so after he saw that large tool and he had the chance to try it a little bit with his mouth it was time to get his tight anus hole penetrated and filled with juicy and creamy cum! Are you interested in seeing this entire scene? Let’s take a peek together!

It’s been a while since this dude kept searching for a black cock that could pound his ass so hard that he could feel that deep and intense pleasure that he kept thinking about! So right after having the chance to know our guy, he invited him over to his place! And boy was he totally convinced after Castro took his ass for a wild ride stretching that tight ass of his to its limits. Until next time, we hope you will enjoy this hot itsgonnahurt update! Meanwhile, we also invite you to have a look around as they are a lot of other hot guys waiting to get their asses filled! By the way, you might visit the site and see some hot gay guys getting ass fucked!


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Butthole smash

Hey guys! We told you we were going to be back and here we are with much more amazing its gonna hurt stuff! We have some new material for you to watch and enjoy as Castro is back along with his big black cock in today’s free its gonna hurt videos . He’s always ready to fuck tight white asses and today was no different. It seems like today he had the chance to meet this guy that he was talking to on the Internet and they both agreed to get some sexual pleasure! How about taking a peek at what happened over there!

These two met at this black guy’s place and right after having his large black cocked rubbed and licked it was time for something more! So this next door male started to suck on that large tool until it was hard enough for his tight hole! And oh my, it was about to stretch it to its limits! See this chocolate dude as he get sto work on Garry’s ass as the poor guy bit more than he could chew. Literally. So have fun with this update in which Castro thoroughly rams Garry’s ass balls deep. Enjoy this amazing itsgonnahurt scene and feel free to have a look around as we have much more amazing things just for you!


See this mature guy getting punished by Castro’s snake!

A dream cum true

A fresh new day brings you new funky fresh updates around here! As always its gonna hurt brings you the most amazing scenes that have big black monster cocks in thigh white asses. Can you imagine how long was this guy looking for a chocolate guy to stuff his white ass? Well, today is his lucky day and as this white twink was also curious about how good a big black rod of meat feels like, he thought it might be his only chance to try it! Let’s not waste any more time and show you what happened in there, shall we?

Our main guy, Castro, was on duty again for this one as he demonstrated just how good a big black dick can fuck a tight ass. And the white guy was in heaven for the whole duration of the sex scene! Well, right before getting started he was eager to taste this guy’s black tool and he didn’t miss the chance to suck and slurp it all along! Of course he couldn’t get it entirely into his mouth as it was longer than he expected! Are you eager to see this entire scene? In this case,  we have the pleasure of letting you watch it entire, all you have to do is join us! See you soon with more hot scenes!


Watch this horny twink getting ass fucked and facialized!

Its Gonna Hurt – The Gym Rat

Welcome back for more hot its gonna hurt scenes! We have some great news from Castro as he had the chance to find out some other guy willing to get his tiny butt hole stuffed! This chocolate guy puts his fresh recruit in today’s galleries to work on his humongous cock. The two met at a gym and this skinny guy always wanted to try taking a huge black cock up his ass.Well, it was about time he tried it and he was looking forward to get started! How about having a look at what happened next?

Right after they got out from the gym, these two headed to this dude’s place, where right on the sofa this dude with his black cock fucked this guy’s ass until he had the chance to cream him all out! Well Castro satisfied that wish today as he rammed his ass hard core in this awesome gallery. Are you interested in seeing what else did Castro in the last few days? In this case, you are invited to have a look around and you might find what you are searching for! Until our next update we hope you enjoy this one. Bye bye.


Watch this skinny twink taking Castro’s cock all the way!

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