David’s Meat Ride – Its Gonna Hurt

Another fresh week and time for another new its gonna hurt scene to be revealed to you all. You all know fully well what we deal in here and there’s more of it to see this week as well. This week’s scene has David, which you have seen here in the past, even in the last week actually, as he gets to play with another black rod for the afternoon. Apparently you guys and gals haven’t gotten to check out properly how the guy gets to suck man meat on camera and he’s here with more itsgonnahurt scenes to put it on display for you once more. So let’s just get the show going and let’s watch this white guy get to suck some more black cock again shall we?

Well, as the scene starts, David and his black fuck buddy get to enter the scene and they are all ready to get to play with one another. To start off, David helps his buddy undress and whip out his meat for everyone to see first and foremost and he’s pretty happy to get to have some fun with it before the rest of the fuck as he gets to suck and slurp on it like candy. And as it’s quite the big one, when David gets to bend over and let it slide in his ass, he can sure feel it. Enjoy this interracial fuck for the afternoon and see you all next week with more. We’ll have fresh scenes with more black cocks fucking white asses for you!