Only The Biggest Cocks – Its Gonna Hurt

Another fresh week and welcome back to a fresh and hot new its gonna hurt scene this week. We bring you some pretty incredible and hot galleries as always featuring a black stud planting his black cock balls deep inside a white ass and it’s as incredible as always. As you know, this site is the prime go to place when you want to see that happen and this gallery right here is a great one to check out too. Anyway, as you have been following this site for so long, we figured it would only be fitting for you ladies and gents to get something a bit special. So that’s why this scene has a massive amount of pictures in it to begin with. So  let’s check out these two fucking already shall we?


We know you’re eager to see another straight white guy sample some chocolate meat with that sexy ass and you can bet your ass that this is just glorious. See him working the shaft with his lips for a nice and sexy sloppy blowjob and see him deep throating the cock too. Once he was done and the black stud lays on his white leather couch on his back. The white guy takes his spot on top and starts to ride the meat cowboy style for the rest of the show. Take your time to enjoy the view of it and see it all go down. We hope that you like the view and of course we’ll have new content next week. Until then, enjoy, and check out the past its gonna hurt scenes too!

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