The Pain Game – Its Gonna Hurt

Hey there guys and welcome back to another new its gonna hurt update. Since last week you guys loved that sweet kinky action, we have some more of just that to show off. You get to watch this stud with green eyes and short curly hair as he gets to be the middle of today’s interracial sandwich. So be sure that it’s quite the juicy scene to see with this hot and horny stud here too. Anyway we bet that you are all eager to get to check it out nonetheless so let’s get those itsgonnahurt cameras going and let’s watch this guy getting double fucked by these two very very well endowed black studs for the afternoon shall we everyone?


Well as soon as the show gets going you get to watch the guy flanked by the two guys that get to take off their pants and present him with their huge and hard cocks. Watch him as he starts to suck and slurp on them to make sure that they are rock hard for the the next part, which involves the two black men double teaming his cute round ass and mouth today. Just take the time to see them take turns to either fuck him in the ass or have him suck their cock and enjoy it. The guy got his double dicking of a lifetime today and it was just amazing to shoot. We bet that you’ll want more, so just drop by again next week for another new and fresh update and one more hot and horny hunk!

Enjoy watching this white guy getting double teamed!