Interracial Gay Fuck

Well, this guy will remember his first time that’s for sure. In this latest update from its gonna we got another straight guy getting his ass fucked for the first time and we caught it all on camera. The poor guy went to a gay bar by mistake and didn’t leave the joint alone. He was supposed to meet with some of his friends and as a joke, they gave him the wrong address. He didn’t suspect a thing and went there,  after spending a few minutes at the bar he noticed that there were only guys there.

But as he was about to pay and leave he saw this black guy coming towards him and he stayed a bit more. The guy was charming, offered to buy him another drink and then invited him to his place. He tried explaining that he is straight and he insisted that nothing was going to happen if he didn’t want it. Once they got there he made his first move and after getting his dick sucked he just couldn’t stop there and the straight guy ended up getting his as fucked for the first time. Enjoy it!

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