The Pain Game Part 2 – Its Gonna Hurt

Well well well, hey there again and welcome to a new and fresh its gonna hurt scene this week. This time our black stud gets to show off some more naughty action with another one of his fuck buddies that likes to get down and dirty with him on occasion. And as you can see, the guy is a former navy soldier too. Well this guy is about to show off just how much stamina he has in this itsgonnahurt scene today as you can sit back and relax while you get to see him leaning back and taking it nice and deep inside of that tight ass. So let’s get to watch him getting a thorough dicking for the whole update today and enjoy the view!


As soon as the two enter the scene they get busy and for a change you get to see the black stud sucking some cock too. But as today the white guy mainly wanted to be on the receiving end, he still has a lot of work to do as he gets to be the one plowing that nice ass. When the two of them are done with their little sixty nine foreplay session, the army guy lays back and spreads his legs for the ebony stud. And you can see that big black cock go straight in the ass nice and deep from the very start. It’s great to see to say the least, as the two fuck hard style on that classic couch and we bet that you’ll enjoy it too. We’ll be back again next week with more for you!

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