Tight Virgin Ass

Hey there. In this update from itsgonnahurt com we got another hot guy getting his ass hammered for the first time. The straight guys are so much fun to watch because none of them admit that they thought about trying this out, but all of them say yes to the offer pretty fast. The same happened with this guy as well, although he never had any interactions with another guy, that didn’t really stop him from jumping into bed with the first guy that showed some interest in him. He is in college, so let’s say that this is a time when you experiment new things. He had to crush for a day at this guy’s house until he found a way to get home. He wasn’t his friend, he didn’t even know the guy but he still agreed to stay with him. Needless to say that the guy is interested in other guys and made sure that he knew that too. He only had one condition and as you can see things went like he wanted them to do. See him in the scene below!


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