First Timer

In this ItsGonnaHurt update, we have another guy getting his ass fucked for the first time and we got a little preview for you guys. He didn’t know that his new roommate was into guys, so he was surprised that on their first night out together he insisted that they went to this gay club. He was testing him to see how open he is with the idea of gay experience. The straight guy didn’t seem to bother about all those guys making out around him and enjoyed his night out, now at least he knew that his roommate is into guys. Something good came out of it! But when he thought the night was over, his roommate asked him if we ever thought about trying it out, a guy on guy experience. He was honest and told him that he thought about it a while ago, but didn’t have anyone to try it out so he gave up on the idea. The jock made his move and somehow got into his pants, and he got there really fast. It didn’t go as smooth as he wanted and you can check it out in the update below!


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