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Its Gonna Hurt Video – Butthole Smash

Another fresh week and it’s time yet once more to see some new and juicy its gonna hurt updates. We promised you another new and sensual and juicy video last time and we’re here to deliver on that. On top of that, you know that our site right here is the home of many horny guys that like to get kinky and wild and we’re sure that you know fully well that it’s the best place to come and visit when you’re in dire need of some superb gay fuck scenes too. Anyway, let’s get this one on the road and see some more white lips sucking black dick with a passion as we’re sure that you are eager to check this one out as well without delay here today too!

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 That’s just the appetizer though as the guy gets to do way more with this black stud today. And the preview here alone shows just the pleasure they experience with some oral action. You can sit back to watch the guy deep throating some thick man meat without delay and having a blast with it too as he makes the chocolate stud moan in pleasure at the special treatment. Well with that being said, enjoy your stay and the nice and hot content that you get to see and you can come back again soon for even more new and fresh PeterFever galleries and videos. You know we have the best of the best only here. Also check out the past scenes for more action too!

Its Gonna Hurt Video – Tight Little Fucker

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. Since all of you loved last week’s its gonna hurt scene with lots of oral, we have some more of just that to show off today to you! And as you can see we have a juicy new video to see and of course you get to enjoy the full length thing as well. The guy here is quite the master of oral pleasing as well and he’s more than happy to show off his skills at blowing cock just as the last guy did around here. So let’s kick his scene off and watch the hot guy getting to suck some black meat this afternoon without delay. We bet that you all want to check it out as well and see it go down this fine and fresh afternoon!

Right as the video starts, you get to watch the guy whipping out that chocolate cock out of the man’s pants and eagerly starting to work it with his juicy lips. He is pretty good at it too as she makes the black stud moan in pleasure while his lips are wrapped around that cock this afternoon here. You just have to check out this scene and see this white guy in action. He shows some great technique and hey maybe you’ll get to learn a new thing. Anyway, do enjoy yourselves with this scene in which you can see him sucking and slurping that cock with a passion and we’ll see you again next week once more with another video and another new sex scene!

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Screaming For Joy

Well well well, here we are with new its gonna hurt content for you and more kinky and juicy interracial gay updates. We always have the best of the best and this is no different as you get to see this white guy bragging about his oral skills and then having to demonstrate them too to his black fuck buddy here. Well let’s just get this show going and see them playing naughty together in today’s very very lovely and hot scene shall we? This itsgonnahurt scene is sure to make you want to get into the nitty and gritty of this one and rest assured that there’s plenty to see. So let’s sit back and relax as we get to check out some passionate cock sucking getting done today!


Take a look at this white guy sucking off a black dick!

The Fucker

Welcome back. It’s that time of the week again and you know that that means that a new its gonna hurt scene is here once more for you to get to check out yet again. And this being the classy site it is, you get to see more juicy and hot bareback fucking with horny white guys getting to take big black cocks in those asses all day long for your viewing pleasure too. Anyway, this guy here fancied an afternoon fuck and a good ass stretching from some black meat and this hot black stud was more than happy to indulge his juicy itsgonnahurt need this afternoon. Watch and enjoy the view of this guy bending over and getting fucked doggie style for the whole scene today!

Right from the start it’s pretty apparent that he’s horny as fuck and this fuck buddy of his knows what that means. He needs to get deep into that ass right away and the guy is happy to lube his big cock with his lovely luscious lips too. Well, like we said, see the guy bending over and taking it from behind as he moans loudly in pleasure. You can see the black stud going harder and harder on the guy’s ass and by the end of it he makes him cum hands free by just fucking his tight ass here today. We hope that you will enjoy the view and we’re hoping you’ll join us again next week for another new and juicy update with even more kinky gay content!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass slammed!

Its Gonna Hurt – Super Slam

Another fresh week and time for a new its gonna hurt scene to be revealed to you all without delay here. There’s another juicy interracial fuck that you just have to see unfold and like we promised you last week it’s just the juiciest thing that you can come by and experience today too. Much like all the scenes here, this one also has a nice interracial fuck session going down and the sex is superbly steamy, let those cameras roll and enjoy the front row seats to this simply incredible itsgonnahurt gay fuck fest and watch as this black stud plows that white ass balls deep in their time together for the afternoon right here and right now!


When the two start to play you can see them laying on the couch and of course starting the whole thing with some nice foreplay to boot. As they get to kiss and touch each other all over, the clothes come off more and more until they are both all naked and in the spur of the moment both them and their cocks got super excited too. The muscled black guy gets to be on top of it though so his buddy gets to take his time and wrap his lips on his cock first to make sure that it’s lubed for his ass as well. So yeah, take your time to see more hot gay fuck sessions going down here today and we’ll see you again soon enough with another new update and more!

Check out this guy taking a big black dick up his ass!

Goal in the Hole

This week’s its gonna hurt scene is one incredible one that you just have to see. And what’s even better is that we have an awesome one just like this one prepped for next week as well. Well anyway, you simply must see this show unfold today if you want to get to watch another black cock stretching a white ass today without delay. You see, this guy and his white friend here had a friendly soccer match this afternoon but they decided to up the stakes by making a bet. The loser gets to present his ass to the winner for a nice dicking. So from the preview you can kind of tell how all of their little match went and who got to take it in the ass today!

The match settled, it’s cleat that the black stud won and this guy now had to give up his cute little ass to his big black cock for the afternoon. The two enter the guy’s place and lock the door behind them so that they make sure that no one can disturb them at all today while they have fun. And there may be a hint that this white stud lost his match on purpose to his fuck buddy here just so that he may have the pleasure of taking that huge black dick in his ass all afternoon long here today too. Anyway, enjoy watching them fuck hard all day long today and do take your time with it as well. It’s just the neatest thing to see as per usual here!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass stuffed!

Its Gonna Hurt Gay Interracial

Today’s interracial its gonna hurt scene brings you more of what you love, and that of course is white guys getting to mostly take the sub role as they get to let some well endowed black studs prove sexual superiority as they fuck them in the ass nice and hard. So let’s get our show started and watch the action unfold with the two as this is another one of those shows that you simply MUST check out today. It’s simply a must see if you love interracial gay sex and you know that we have only the best of the best here at the itsgonnahurt site. Anyway, let’s get the show going and let’s watch this white guy getting some hard black cock in him today shall we?


The show begins and we get to see the two getting busy in the living room. You can see the black stud taking his time to lick the guy’s ass as he does one wonderful rimjob for him to prep that nice and cute tight ass for his massive cock. Then the white stud gets to wrap his lips around his cock and you just have to see him sucking and slurping that meat pole with a passion to make sure it’s hard. We’ll leave the rest up for you to discover but we bet that you’ll enjoy the show either way. So do have fun as much as you want with it and come back as always soon to see much more of these studs getting wild and nasty with one another for you!

See this guy blowing a big black dick!

First Black Dick

Hey there again everyone and welcome to a brand new its gonna hurt show with more hot and juicy interracial action as per usual. This week we get to see some more anal action of course with two more juicy hunks that know how to party hard and party with style too, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s plenty to check out in their lovely little update here today. Well let’s get to watch these two have tons of fun with one another in this gallery as they get to do a lot of naughty and kinky stuff, that makes them more then fitting to be featured here at itsgonnahurt in all their glory. So let’s get ready to check out some more passionate anal sex today!

The two just came back from having a walk outdoors and they seem to be quite horny as soon as they get to come through the front door. Well, they didn’t even make it to the bedroom as you can see, settling for getting down and dirty on the living room couch this afternoon. You can see them take their time to kiss and caress as they undress one another and after that the white guy gets to suck his boyfriend off to make sure he’s hard for his ass. And then you can watch him presenting that cute butt up for a nice and deep plowing too. Well, take your time to enjoy the show with them here this afternoon and see you guys real soon with more!


Watch here this guy taking up his ass his 1st black dick!

Its Gonna Hurt – The Pain Game

Hey there guys and welcome back to another new its gonna hurt update. Since last week you guys loved that sweet kinky action, we have some more of just that to show off. You get to watch this stud with green eyes and short curly hair as he gets to be the middle of today’s interracial sandwich. So be sure that it’s quite the juicy scene to see with this hot and horny stud here too. Anyway we bet that you are all eager to get to check it out nonetheless so let’s get those itsgonnahurt cameras going and let’s watch this guy getting double fucked by these two very very well endowed black studs for the afternoon shall we everyone?


Well as soon as the show gets going you get to watch the guy flanked by the two guys that get to take off their pants and present him with their huge and hard cocks. Watch him as he starts to suck and slurp on them to make sure that they are rock hard for the the next part, which involves the two black men double teaming his cute round ass and mouth today. Just take the time to see them take turns to either fuck him in the ass or have him suck their cock and enjoy it. The guy got his double dicking of a lifetime today and it was just amazing to shoot. We bet that you’ll want more, so just drop by again next week for another new and fresh update and one more hot and horny hunk!

Enjoy watching this white guy getting double teamed!

Bareback Gay Sex

Welcome to new and fresh its gonna hurt scenes here today everyone. We have some pretty juicy and hot gay fuck sessions to show off to you as always and this one is quite juicy. You can take your sweet time to check out some nice and hot bareback gay fucking sessions this afternoon with two hot studs and what you can get to see in this is also a pretty juicy and hot interracial fuck as well. Let’s get the action going as we bet that you guys and gals want to see some nice and tight ass getting fucked balls deep by a nice and thick black cock here today. So with that being said, let the cameras roll and the itsgonnahurt action commence here today!

Like any juicy scene around our site, you can be sure that this is one passionate and lovely gay sex session that you just won’t want to miss for the world and you can rest assured that the two hot guys start off their little passionate afternoon love making with some foreplay. Which mostly involved them rimming each other but the best part is definitely the white guy sucking and slurping on that nice and big black dick to get it rock hard. For similar material, check out the site and see some hot ladyboys getting their asees nailed! After that he bends over for his fuck buddy and you can see him moan in pleasure while he gets his ass fucked nice and deep for the whole scene. We’ll see you again next week with another kinky fuck session!


Watch here this poor guy getting his ass slammed!

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